okay I am really curious

do you groom, ya know… down there?

  1. poetic-vegan-tragedy answered: lol
  2. ponnisar answered: yesss
  3. a-timelord-consultant answered: yes. Because I feel like I need to, in case I land it to the ER. I feel that it would be embarrassing during procedures.
  4. surfeitdoldrums answered: i am single. that means no. and if a guy really wants yah, he won’t care if it’s shaved or not because beneath your clothes YOU ARE NAKED
  5. cliffordclavin answered: …I usually don’t
  6. precociouselephant answered: Yes
  7. teamfreewill666 answered: yes
  8. fr0d0swaggins answered: When I am expecting company.
  9. thechristinastory said: I trim the bushes… But I do have bushes
  10. intothequantumfoam answered: yes
  11. islandtyphoon answered: yes
  12. jazziebearxo answered: yup. i do :)
  13. inmylolsroyce answered: Yes.
  14. punchingtelescope answered: yes
  15. stephaniesunshinex17 answered: yes. and if you ever end up going fully shaved if you put deoderant on after it gets rid of razor burn and all the stuff.
  16. neo-native answered: yes
  17. wantsinlife answered: yes
  18. minimallyeschew answered: I trim, but don’t shave fully. It can creep guys out if you look pre-pubescent
  19. dandrean answered: occasionally. i don’t like shaved though. just groomed.
  20. xsdcfgvbhjnndjksf answered: yes
  21. heywhitechocolate answered: yes.
  22. warmbesideyoursmile answered: yes
  23. fictionalnotfactual said: oh i lied, is no shave november!!!! (but generally, yes)
  24. lizchester answered: It’s never nice to have a gigantic beaver down there, so yes.
  25. fictionalnotfactual answered: yes. shave, because waxing is expensive
  26. wickedsobah answered: yes
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